About the Author

My name is Jordan. I am 18 and have a keen interest in football journalism. My interest for sport began very early when i was drawn to Premier League football and the Welsh national rugby team as a youngster. I used to dream of becoming a goalkeeper and very often played as one in any game of football I was in. My love for football was so great that I would commentate on my games of fifa! This was my first joyful experience of covering football, despite it’s unrealistic nature.

In 2016 I created “Sport of the Day.” On this I would write various articles on all sports including football and rugby. I found that, as enjoyable as it was, I had no motivation to carry on with no particular audience. One day, I went to watch my first WFL division 1 game. It was the steeltown derby – Afan Lido vs Port Talbot Town. I remember thinking to myself “Wow.” How did this get so little attention? Enter in – “Tothewhistle.”

I had shifted my focus primarily to the Welsh league. I Iearnt its structure, its game and its people and I was curious to see what interest I could gather. On the 21st of December 2017 went to watch the Steeltown derby again and got an interview with Luke Bowen who’d scored a brace in a 6 goal thriller. At the end of the season I remember him going to Carmarthen Town in the WPL and I remember thinking ‘this is a league where you can actually progress.’ 

As my knowledge, and my fondness for going to welsh football games and reporting on them increased, tothewhistle started to become known amongst a small group of people. Being seen as a member of the Welsh football community and being fully involved made me feel as though i was making a difference and I was really enjoying it. 

However, following an increase in school work and other major commitments, I found myself unable to give tothewhistle enough. But after a year long break, I have decided to return and pick up where I left off, re-branding “tothehistle” as “SWF news”. 

My aim is to go to a game or two a week meeting as many people and visiting as many grounds as I can. But most importantly I want to see Welsh football be talked about much more. I am looking forward to running SWF News, and would love any readers to get in contact with us so that we can talk to you about Welsh Football in the form of a podcast or an interview or even privately so that we and our audience can really connect with Welsh Football.