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Cardiff and Swansea’s Permutations

Cardiff and Swansea’s Permutations

The teams representing Wales in the top two divisions could well be playing each other in in the same league next year. Weather they clash in the Championship or the Premier League next year is still to be decided. With Swansea in a Premier League relegation fight and Cardiff in the race for automatic promotion […]


CHAMPIONSHIP Winners – Newcastle (Brighton runner up) With play offs still to play. Relegated – Rotherham(24th) Wigan(23rd) Blackburn(22nd) LEAGUE 1 Winners – Sheffield United (Bolton runner up) With play  offs still to play. Relegated – Chesterfield(24th) Coventry(23rd) Swindon(22nd) Port Vale(21st) LEAGUE 2 Winners – Portsmouth (runners up were Plymouth(2nd) and Doncaster(3rd) with play offs still […]

The Fight for Promotion

With 2 games of the season left, the fight for the 3rd place in England’s top division – the Premier League. Brighton have joined and Newcastle have returned after losing a relegation battle with Sunderland last year. But now: FIVE teams, FOUR play off paces, THREE promotions, of which TWO have already been filled, meaning that there only ONE position […]