Interview with Luke Bowen

After Port Talbot Town got a dramatic 3 all draw away to rivals Afan Lido, we spoke to the top scorer of the league – the brilliant Luke Bowen.

Live commentary of the match here and match report to follow.


TTW: You came into this game level top scorer with Mark Jones on 18 goals each. You are now 2 goals up on 20. Do you think you can maintain that now going forward?

LB: I hope so yeah. I’m in a team that creates a lot of chances so you always know your going to get a lot of chances, it’s whether or not you take them. Obviously Mark’s scoring goals as well. He didn’t have a lot of chances today. He played the majority of the game with his back to goal. Their style of play maybe didn’t suit him today so I got the chance now to go ahead.

TTW: In the first half Afan Lido were pressing a lot but couldn’t finish their chances. You had fewer chances but but you managed to finish them. Do you see it that way?

Bowen celebrating his first half brace

LB: Yeah, I think the more they pressed it created space for us in their defence. So we knew if they were going forward we’d have the chance and luckily Jonathan Hood put two on a plate for me and I managed to finish them.

TTW: How do you think the second half went?

LB: Second half our game plan didn’t work. We tried to hold on. We should have kept the ball a bit more. We invited pressure and it told in the end. Credit to them. But like I said we had a few half chances. I snatched at one, Jonathan snatched at one, on another day they could have gone in and if you score and go four nil it’s a different game.

TTW: They were throwing the kitchen sink at you at times in both halves. In the first half your defence handled it pretty well but you lost a defender in the second half. Do you think that made a difference?

LB: I don’t know whether it was Kieran going off or it was just the pressure getting to us and at that point (Kieran Miller going off) it told. There’s only so much pressure you can take. We needed to take pressure off our defence. We weren’t doing that and every time the ball was going forward it kept coming back.

TTW: We have watched you play a few times now. You don’t stick to one side of the field do you. Is that your choice or does your coach ask you to do that?

LB: No he gives me and Jonathan free reign. So if we’re having no joy one side, or we want to give the opposition something to think about, we just change it up. So maybe if it isn’t going for me on the left it’ll happen for Jonathan.

TTW: That happened today. In the first half you played down the left and in the second half you stayed this side of the field so you were on the right, and there were two different halves weren’t there scoring wise?

LB: Yeah in hindsight maybe, looking at it that way, maybe staying on the left would have been better but during the game you don’t get the chance to see that.

TTW: Thanks for your time today.

LB: Any time. Thank you.

Images by Lewis Mitchell 


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