LIVE: Penybont v Goytre

15:49 Red Card! Dave Allen receives a second yellow for Penybont and the full time whistle blows.

15:47 GOAL! Penybont 2 – 2 Goytre. Desperate for a goal, the Bont have tried anything. The ball was bouncing around until it bounced to Howard who blasts a volley into the top corner. 

15:45 Last few minutes of the game. Can the Bont find an eqqualizer?

15:43 Henley is replaced by Mbongempasi (Goytre).

15:41 Ben Symons is shown a yellow card after illegally preventing a Goytre attack.

15:40 Joe Hopkins is replaced by Thomas Davies (Penybont).

15:35 The Bont are creating half chances here and there, creeping back into the match.

15:33 Goyte are comfortable but, only 1 goal up, they have not secured the points yet.

15:28 Frustrating play from the Bont as they cannot maintain possession. The home fans are silent.

15:23 Penybont’s attack does not look as threatening and are struggling to create any sort of chance. Meanwhile Georgievsky is replaced by Symons.

15:21  Being a man down as well as a goal down, Penybont have a huge hill to climb if they are to take away even a point from this match.

15:18 Red Card! Rhys Griffiths (Penybont). It’s the right decision as he kicks his opponent blatantly in front of the touch judge.

15:12 GOAL! Penybont 1 – 2 Goytre. Dan MacDonald tucks away the penalty after headbutt in the area by Wharton. He receives a yellow.

15:08 Tim Georgievsky fires a shot over the bar for the hosts. Meanwhile Goytre have come out a more confident and attacking side this half.

15:05 Yellow card shown to James Parry of Penybont for a poor tackle.

15:02 Second half underway

14:48 Half Time!

14:43 Tyler Roche plays a cross into the box and it is met by the head of Warlow. His header comes off the crossbar and the ball ricochets to Carpenter who fires the rebound over the bar. Penybont are getting closer.

14:38 Mathew Prosser replaces the injured Coulbourne.

14:36 Coulbourne decides to come back on. However he does not look 100%. After a signal to the bench he has to come back off.

14:35 Goytre captain Gary Coulbourne looks unable to carry on after he picks up a knock. Terrible news for the visitors.

14:31 Tyler Roche plays a ball to Jason Henley who receives it on the edge of the box. He then cuts inside and shoots with his right foot. But his shot is well blocked. Penybont are looking most likely to score next should there be another goal.

14:28 Second goalscorer Tyler Roche goes down with a knock but should continue.

14:25 Surely a handball in the box there! Appeals for a penalty by the home side are denied. Kristian Wharton appeared to have handled the ball after he slipped in the box. Goytre are lucky.

14:22 We’re about 20 minutes in here as the ref shows his first yellow card of the game. It went to Lewis Summers (Goytre) for a miss timed tackle. Overall the game has been pretty even so far.

14:18 Goytre almost conceded a goal from poor communication themselves. Gary Colbourne tried to help a ball through to his keeper, but his keeper didn’t come. Luckily he was able to deal with it by seeing the ball through for a goal kick.

14:15 Cullen Kinsella sees his shot fly over the bar as Penybont press for a second goal.

14:13 Poor communication from the Bont back line almost put Goytre’s top scorer Luke Prosser through. But it was a good recovery.

14:10 After an electric start, the game has settled. I’d have to say that Penybont have started the better.

14:06 Goal! Penybont 1 – 1 Goytre. A cross from Tim Georgiesvsky wasn’t dealt with and the ball fell to Tyler Roche who finished well to equalize for the Bont.

14:04 Goal! Penybont 0 – 1 Goytre. Oliver Dolton on the edge of the box takes an ambitious shot from the left. A brilliant goal indeed as the ball dips over the keeper.

14:02 Kick off!

14:00 Teams are out. Penybont playing left to right in Blue and White, while the visitors are in black and red.

13:57 Team sheets

13:55 Here is the away side warming up

Goyter FC warm up13:45 Tothewhistle are here live for the Bont’s meeting with Goytre. Kick off at 2pm.

At the Kymco stadium in Bridgend, 3rd place Penybont play host to 6th place Goytre. Separated by just 1 point, the two sides will certainly not be playing for a draw. Both are fairly formidable teams and are good enough to be in contention for the title, but will they be able to keep up with the likes of Llanelli Town and Haverfordwest West? You feel that this is the type of match where a win would be a massive statement. Penybont will be looking for revenge after losing 3 – 0 in the reverse fixture.  It is for that reason that this contest should be very entertaining.

Match Preview here:

Penybont vs Goytre – Revenge or Repeat?


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