SWF News – Bringing you coverage of the Cymru South, SW and SE leagues


Welcome to “SWF news.” We will be the home for all fans of the Cymru South, The Ardal League SW and SE. While we patiently wait for the seasons of all semi-professional to grassroots football teams to commence, we will be bringing you a host of articles and pieces on South Welsh football.  We want readers of our news to get involved and debate all issues and events within the leagues we focus on, hopefully bringing more attention to welsh football – the attention it deserves.

No one can argue that the FAW gets too little attention. This is mostly because there isn’t enough coverage and this is what we’re aiming to change. Having visited and reported on many games in the FAW as “tothewhistle” we think the level of entertainment is overwhelming and massively under subscribed.

As mentioned we aim to improve coverage of Welsh Football. This will include visiting multiple grounds, hosting podcasts with various people involved in the scene and most importantly, giving the fans and teams something to really talk about. If you are interested in helping expand the coverage with us please contact us via twitter – https://twitter.com/SWFnews.  We’d be delighted to receive any stories you have that you want us to bring to light . In addition, if you are interested in doing a podcast or an interview about a certain issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This is a brief introduction and like you, we are very much looking forward to seeing the South Welsh leagues return and if you want to know more about the creator of this site, go to our about the author page.